Visitors Likely Outnumber Residents In Stockholm, Wisconsin, A Charming Small Town With Just 66 Residents

A town of just 66, it doesn’t get much smaller than Stockholm. It doesn’t get much more charming, either, which is why on any given day, visitors likely outnumber residents. And after seeing all the town has to offer, you’ll want to be one of those visitors.

Small, quaint, and charming beyond words, Stockholm is everything you could want in a small town…and more. Ready to plan your visit to Stockholm? For more information, check out the Stockholm website or Facebook page.

So, have you already had the pleasure of exploring Stockholm? Know of another delightful day trip destination? If so, tell us!

This isn’t the only town that belongs on your bucket list. For example, there’s another small town with a great art scene and old-world influence. You can read all about it here.

Address: Stockholm, WI 54769, USA