Snowball Fights Are Illegal In Wausau, Wisconsin, So You’d Better Think Twice Before Hurling Some Snow       

Kids (and kids at heart) love a good snowball fight. None of us think twice before hurling a ball of fluffy white snow. However, if you live in Wausau, you should. According to a decades-old ban, throwing snowballs is actually illegal in the town. Luckily, Wausau officials are considering wiping the outdated law from the books. Take a look:

And to prove that Wausau loves a good snowball fight just as much as the rest of us, the city recently released a video of the Wausau police and mayor poking fun at the ordinance and even tossing a few snowballs themselves. Check it out:

So, did you know about Wausau’s decades-old ban on snowballs? Tell us in the comments section.

Address: Wausau, WI, USA