Smashed On The Rocks Serves The Best Bloody Mary In Wisconsin And It’s An All You Can Eat Drink Buffet

If there’s one drink that Wisconsin truly loves, it’s the Bloody Mary – that spicy tomato concoction that’s the perfect way to kick off a a brunch or a football Sunday. You’ll find some great bloodies in every town, including some that have a passionate following. One Wisconsin saloon serves up a Bloody Mary that’s simply incredible and has to be seen (and tasted!) to be believed. The Smashed on the Rocks Bloody Mary is a work of art, a literal buffet in a glass. It won a big statewide award and when you see how this Algoma pub makes this signature drink, you’ll know why.

Smashed on the Rocks is open Tuesday through Sunday. You can bring your dog along on ice day s the outdoor seating is dog friendly. If you love outrageous Bloody Marys, here are some more awesome pubs you should plan to visit.

Address: Smashed on the Rocks, 70 Church St, Algoma, WI 54201, USA