Westby Creamery In Small Town Wisconsin Produces Some Of The Best Cheese In The World  

It’s probably no surprise that the best cottage cheese in the world comes from Wisconsin. What might surprise you, though, is that this cottage cheese comes from a creamery that’s tucked away in a tiny town in the rugged countryside of southwest Wisconsin. Read on to learn all about this cheesy small town gem. Be forewarned, though: you’ll be planning your visit before the article’s end.

For more information, call Westby Cooperative Creamery Plant at (608) 634-3181. You can also visit the Westby website or Facebook page. So, did you know about Westby Creamery? What about its famous cheese? Ever tried it for yourself? If so, what’d you think? Tell us in the comments section or recommend another Wisconsin attraction via our nomination form here.

This isn’t the only spot for cheese lovers. You’ll want to check out our mouthwatering Wisconsin cheese trail.

Address: 401 S Main St, Westby, WI 54667, USA