7 Biggest Risks To Living In Wisconsin

Living in Wisconsin is pretty awesome but, like almost anywhere, there are some risks to compensate for the awesomeness. Here are the biggest risks you face when living in Wisconsin, though we must remind you that these aren’t a guarantee. Some folks live their entire lives here and never see a natural disaster (or any disasters, for that matter). Overall, it’s a lovely place to be – but sometimes, it can get a little hairy. Check it out:

Hopefully this doesn’t scare you away from our great state! We promise that other than these less-than-desirable things, it’s still a lovely place to live.  What do you think of our list? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Interested in some more chaotic Wisconsin history? Check out this list of the seven most horrifying disasters to ever strike our state.

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Living In Wisconsin

October 26, 2021

What are some of the risks of living in Wisconsin?  

Oh, boy. Wisconsin is just terrible. It’s cold, and everyone here is so nice. You might fall in love with cheese curds. You might get a horse. You might make a bunch of friends and stay here forever. Yes, the risks associated with living in Wisconsin are great, but it’s a bunch of risks we’re willing to take. Okay, but seriously – Wisconsin is, overall, pretty safe. It ranks as having the 13th-lowest property crime rate of all 50 states, and it also boasts the 22nd-lowest violent crime rate as well. Sure, the population is a little lower so there’s less crime overall, but in general, it’s a pretty safe place to be. But like we said… those cheese curds, though. There’s no escaping their mighty clutches once you start eating them, and you should definitely avoid it at all costs. Seriously – Wisconsin is wonderful.  

Are there any natural disasters that occur in Wisconsin?  

Wisconsin is a great place to live, but it’s not exactly free of natural disaster potential. Every year, Wisconsin sees at least one or two significant weather events; in this state, the most likely disasters to occur include floods, severe storms with large hail, tornadoes, and when heavy rain is part of the equation, landslides are an occasional bother. During the winter, Wisconsin gets quite chilly – it snows, of course. Some years, it snows a lot more than others – winter storms are another reasonable risk to assume in the state of Wisconsin. Secondary disasters – things like power outages associated with winter weather, severe weather, flooding, etc – can cause additional issues even well after a storm has passed and should be planned for accordingly. Check this article out for a list of some of the scariest disasters Wisconsin has ever seen.