Few People Know The Real Reason Barns In Wisconsin Are Painted Red In Color

If you drive more than a few miles in Wisconsin’s countryside, you’ll probably see one: a red barn. America’s Dairyland has scores of barns, and the majority are a bright and beautiful shade of red. It’s been this way for years and it’s something most people take for granted. But why bright red? Why not sunflower yellow, sky blue, or something earthy, like burnt sienna? Even barns that are drawn with crayons are colored red!
To find the answer to this Wisconsin mystery, you have to go back in time a little. Here’s the backstory on Wisconsin’s red barns.

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Red barns are incredibly photogenic and if you enjoy capturing rural landscapes, they are the perfect subject. And if you take a tour of the countryside, to view these red barns, you might want to also seek out some of the state’s delicious cheese!

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