There’s No Restaurant In The World Quite Like Suncrest Gardens Farm In Wisconsin

There are loads of pretty great restaurants in Wisconsin, but how many 1) are located on a farm 2) let you eat in your lawn chairs 3) and serve delicious pizza? Not many. Wow, what a cool concept. Enter Suncrest Gardens Farm. If you’re lucky enough to get to eat on a farm (those of us not born and raised on them), it’s a real treat. Especially in Cochrane. This pizza farm in Wisconsin is stunning, particularly as the sun begins to go down. There’s nothing like sitting around in lawn chairs and just catching up with the people you love. A pail of New Glarus beers doesn’t hurt anything, either. Hang out and play lawn games, or just check out the farm. There are lots of barnyard animals. And if it rains, you can eat in the barn.

But while that’s all fine and dandy, let’s get down to what’s truly important: the food. These pizzas use only the freshest ingredients, and they are piping hot. They are wood-fired, meaning that the crust has a nice crisp and everything is bubbling. There are no utensils or napkins, so BYOE (everything). You might have to wait up to an hour to eat, so make sure you’re comfortable with some chairs (that you bring) and take it all in. It’s awesome and totally worth it. Here are some pics of the best pizza farm in Wisconsin (and food):

You can learn more about the best pizza in Wisconsin at Suncrest Gardens Pizza Farm with a visit to its official Facebook page.

Address: S2257 Yaeger Valley Rd, Cochrane, WI 54622, USA
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pizza farm in Wisconsin

August 22, 2020

What are the best restaurants in Wisconsin?

The state of Wisconsin is known for its open farmland, fresh cheeses, and perfect produce, which makes it easy for this Northern state to serve up an incredible list of local dining experiences. Bacchus in Milwaukee offers Lake Michigan views and is a four-star restaurant that’s also home to the best wine list in the city. Chefusion is a gastropub we’d recommend for a quirky, upscale experience in a small-town studded state. Looking for beers, brats, and cheeses? Then to The Old Fashioned you go! This Madison-based tavern has a woodsy, European feel and a purely indulgent menu.

What are the best-hidden gem restaurants in Wisconsin?

The entire state tends to be a bit of a hidden gem, but the best under-the-radar restaurants include the Village Bar in Madison, the Flying Hound in Fitchburg, and the Baraboo Cheese Factory. Each is small and unassuming and hide a dining experience that’s bound to leave you ready for more. The Cheese Factory serves 100% vegan fare, making it a diamond amidst the rough of the rest of the fried foot centric state. The Flying Hound is hidden in a strip mall but serves the best sweet potato fries in the state! And the Village Bar? Well, it has a kitchen so small you’d almost wonder if there’s a chef back there, but the bar food is UNREAL.

What are the most iconic restaurants in Wisconsin?

If you’re looking to visit an iconic Wisconsin restaurant, then Mader’s in Milwaukee is the first spot to stop. The German cuisine on the menu has been served in the same place for over a century, and presidents have even eaten there. Al Johnson’s in Sister Bay serves Swedish dishes on actual Swedish dishes (you see what we did there?), and the authentic experience is fun for the whole family. Lastly, if you make it to Graze in Madison, then the farm-to-table experience serves up drinks and a killer view that can’t be missed.

Address: S2257 Yaeger Valley Rd, Cochrane, WI 54622, USA