This Small Stretch Of Shops In Wisconsin Offers The Perfect Way To Spend An Afternoon

There are some corners of Wisconsin that have gone through remarkable transformations. When you stroll the waterfront in Pewaukee, you might think these quaint stores and restaurants have been here forever. But if you talk to someone who has lived in Pewaukee for a while, they’ll tell you how much this place has changed, and for the better – this little strip along Lake Pewaukee has become a true destination. It’s a beautiful escape – here’s what’s waiting for you in Pewaukee.

Allow plenty of time to explore the little stretch of stores in Pewaukee – this is a place where you’ll want to take your time and enjoy every moment on the waterfront. Learn more about Pewaukee’s stores here. Wisconsin has some wonderful small towns – here are some more cozy places you’ll want to explore.

Address: Pewaukee, WI, USA