The One Wisconsin Town That’s So Perfectly Midwestern

Folks from either coast like to scoff about the Midwest and tout their own superiority, but those of us who live here know that being in the Midwest means friendliness, charm, affordable living and easy commutes!

I’m only partly kidding. But really, to perfectly sum up the Midwest is to look at the people and the industry and find that special mix of attitude and welcoming. Our short summers make us extra appreciative and we maximize our fun and outdoor time. We may begrudge the winters a bit, but we always find a way to make them more bearable. We might have a lot of farmland that doesn’t make for the best scenery, but that just means we have access to the freshest ingredients and the best food. In the Midwest, it’s all about finding balance and that’s why LaCrosse is a perfectly Midwestern town.

Have you been to LaCrosse? What else do you love about this perfect town? What other Midwestern towns perfectly embody our spirit?

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