You Might Not Like These Predictions About Wisconsin’s Upcoming Peak Allergy Season

They might have started playing baseball already, but it’s probably a bit early yet to say spring has sprung here in Wisconsin. We all know better and assume there’s a chance for a least one more snow. With the late start to the worst of winter this year, we’re likely to get a late start to spring and that’s bad news for folks who suffer from allergies.

When cold weather pushes spring back a bit, all the things that release allergens into the air – the pollinators – all bloom at once. Instead of having early pollinators, followed by mid-spring and late-spring bloomers, they all release their pollen at once, making it miserable for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. It doesn’t help that Madison is already on a number of lists for worst places for allergy sufferers. It turns out Wisconsin is just not a great place to be in spring if you have an aversion to pollen, ragweed and other sneeze-inducing spring friends.

If the idea of suffering through two months of this leaves you out in the cold, you might consider getting the heck out of Wisconsin and checking out some more allergy-friendly spots. This road trip to the scenic wonders of the US might be just the ticket.

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