The Oldest Town In Wisconsin That Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

Milwaukee and Madison might be Milwaukee’s two biggest cities, but they aren’t the oldest cities in Wisconsin. That distinction goes to Green Bay, which was first visited in the the 1630s by Jean Nicolet. But thanks to the boys in green and gold, most Wisconsinites have made the pilgrimage to Green Bay, meaning it’s not so much a hidden gem as one of the most famous cities in the state.

If you’re looking for hidden history, travel all the way across the state to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin’s second-oldest city. Once again founded and settled due to fur trading, Prairie du Chien sits at the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers and was a significant part of the fur trade well into the 19th century.

What’s your favorite of Wisconsin’s oldest towns? Have you been to Prairie du Chien?
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