You Won’t Believe This Natural Water Slide Hiding In Wisconsin

Everyone is already proclaiming the end of summer. But guess what? There are two more weeks of it. It’s not over. So why don’t you send it off with a bang? Take a trip to Mountain, Wisconsin this weekend and have the outdoor experience of a lifetime. Mountain, Wisconsin is home to Chute Pond. Chute Pond dam was built back in 1853, with a concrete dam installed in the 1930s. But the reason why this is called Chute Pond is because of a naturally occurring chute. It has become an impromptu water slide that people have been secretly enjoying for decades now. Of course, if you go you should use caution and common sense. But you will see a crowd partaking. This is a large lake at 433 acres. So there is more to do than just go down the water slide (even though that is epic). Camp, fish, and hike at Chute Pond. Here is an amazing video to give you a sense of just what going down the slide is like. Hurry up and enjoy this natural chute while it’s still warm enough out.

Would you try something like this? If not, what about swimming in a waterfall? Yes, you can do that in Wisconsin, too.