This Rare Footage In The 1950s Shows Milwaukee Like You’ve Never Seen Before

From the brewing roots to our native heritage, Milwaukee has a rich history. We’ve all heard stories of what it was like to live in Milwaukee back in the day, but we never get to experience it for ourselves. This video shows actual footage of Milwaukee in 1951. Iconic buildings and streets that are still standing today are featured, though much of it is pre-skyscrapers. For those who are excited about the new streetcar being built, you’ll be able to see what Milwaukee streets looked like with a streetcar in the 1950s! If you or your parents grew up around here, this may be the Milwaukee they know and love.

This video was shared by Vintage Footage on YouTube. Their channel features other rare footage from cities all over the country – check it out for other interesting peeks into the past!

Did this footage captivate you? What similarities do you see in 1950s Milwaukee compared to the modern era? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!