Drink Your Way Through Wisconsin On The Margarita Marathon

There’s nothing like the refreshing kick of an ice-cold margarita. The salty lime and tequila cocktail is so popular because the basic recipe is a classic, but it’s also open to a ton of interpretation. Margaritas can be made in thousands of different ways with a million different flavor combinations. From the simple salted rim and version to those made with house-infused vodkas, it’s pretty tough to find a margarita gone wrong. No matter what your taste, you’ll find something to sip on and love on this amazing walking tour that takes you to ten different spots in Madison within a 3.6-mile path. No designated driver needed here – just your two feet and the motivation to get to the next place for another drink. This path through Madison’s isthmus is the thing of margarita-induced dreams.

You can find an editable version of this map here.

Where do you find your favorite margarita? Let us know in the comments!

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