This Log Cabin Retreat In Wisconsin Will Bring Out The Quilter In You

The idea of a group of friends taking a getaway to spend time together and do crafts is certainly not new. It just makes sense to spend time with some pals, share ideas and resources and take a few days to finish up a project you’ve been procrastinating on. These trips usually involve a lot of planning and coordination, not just for a place to stay, but a place that has the room for you to do what it is you’re looking to do. For sewists, this means finding a place with lots of outlets and good lighting and then planning to pack up sewing machines, ironing boards and all kinds of supplies. But now there’s a place that provides everything you could need to have a weekend of sewing and quilting, friendship and fun. The Quilt Peddler in Fennimore, is a truly fabulous shop, with 10,000 bolts of fabric. And now they’ve created the perfect place for a sewing getaway.

The Quilt Peddler is located at 4420 US-18, Fennimore, WI 53809 and the cabin is just two miles away. Learn more about this gorgeous retreat on the Quilt Peddler website, which also has a calendar showing when the cabin is available.

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