In the heart of Madison, there’s a little lake that lives in the shadow of other, larger nearby lakes. While Lake Wingra is much smaller and less well-known than its sisters (Lake Monona and Lake Mendota), it’s a gem that beckons paddlers with an incredible experience that’s unlike any other in the state. You can take in a skyline view, explore the shoreline of a wild arboretum or just float and watch water birds. You’ll forget that you’re just a few minutes from Madison’s restaurants and hotels.

Because it’s a small lake, it won’t take you long to explore Wingra – it’s a good place for a quiet, leisurely float. Once you’ve explored Lake Wingra, the larger lakes of Monona and Mendota are also good bets for a shoreline paddle. For some fast-action river paddling, check out this amazing kayaking destination.

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