There Are Hundreds Of Sunken Ships In Lake Michigan And They’re Positively Mesmerizing

The Great Lakes have conquered thousands of ships over the years, with 750 of these (known) wrecks in Lake Michigan alone. Although many have been submerged for decades (and in some cases, centuries), they are incredibly preserved by the cold water and leave countless clues to their history waiting to be uncovered.

The Wisconsin Historical Society has a team of maritime archeologists that works to explore and preserve the amazing underwater fleet. Even after hundreds of dives and months of research, these wrecks still reveal new treasures all the time, including possessions of the captains, crews, and passengers of the doomed vessels. Unlike ocean shipwrecks, which are quick to break down and disappear in the salty seawater, the sunken ships in Lake Michigan have stood the test of time due to the freshwater environment, and the chilly temperature slows decay. The lake water is also remarkably clear, which gives divers a unique opportunity to study the wrecks closely.

This video, shot and shared by Great Big Story on YouTube, takes a peek into this unique project and follows divers down into the depths to explore the eerily beautiful ships silently resting beneath the surface.

Everyone knows the Great Lakes, but few know the secrets they hold. This stunning video gives you a peek into the past and will open your eyes to the hidden history we pass by every day!

Caitlin Zant, featured here, is a maritime archaeologist working with the Wisconsin Historical Society. To see hundreds of other amazing stories like this one from around the globe, check out the Great Big Story YouTube channel!