This Mouthwatering Ice Cream Trail In Wisconsin Is All You’ve Ever Dreamed Of And More

Honestly, we could have done a trip like this in a bunch of different parts of the state. As the Dairy State, we’re blessed with some truly awesome ice cream places spread all over. We focused on the southeastern part of the state because it feels like an iconic Wisconsin ice cream trail has to have some frozen custard on it and that part of the state seems to have a monopoly on that delicious frozen treat.

Sometimes our road trips require multiple days or at least multiple drivers to try and fit it all in, but the beauty of this trip is that it clocks in right around two hours and just more than 90 miles. You might end up with one heck of a stomachache, but this trip could be done before lunch. This trip is Wisconsin goals.

For directions and exact addresses, you can view the Google Map of the trip here.

If you’re not up for the whole road trip, how about just checking out one of the 15 greatest places to get frozen custard in Wisconsin?