You Can Stay at a Completely Glass Cabin in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for its fantastic cabins. We flock to those log cabin structures whenever possible. But even if you’ve stayed in a bunch of cabins over the years, we bet you haven’t ever stayed in anything quite like this. At Candlewood Cabins in Richland Center, Wisconsin, you can stay in a glass cabin. Talk about a view of a lifetime. If you haven’t been to Richland Center, it’s a small town known for its rolling hills dotted with deer and cattle. Simply driving through the countryside, be prepared to be in awe of some incredible views. But an opportunity to actually sit in a glass cabin, take in the view, a glass of wine in hand, and breathe in the stunning sunsets this area is known for? It doesn’t get much better. Candlewood Cabins has a few great cabins, but we really recommend staying at the Meadow House. Fair warning, though: even though you might not have ever heard of this place, plenty of people have, and so these places are heavily booked. It might take a while to get in, but it is SO worth it. Really, where else are you going to get this sort of experience? Here are a few pics to show you just what the Meadow House looks like.

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