The World’s Largest Letter M Is Right Here In Wisconsin And You’ll Want To Plan Your Visit

While Wisconsin has some incredible hikes, there are a few trails unlike any other in the world. One of these paths can be found in Platteville. The trail will take you up a one-of-a-kind attraction called the Platte Mound M and it offers a vista that will remind you of an airplane window. Here’s why you should lace up your hiking shoes and climb the world’s largest letter M.

The M is located four miles northeast of Platteville. It’s on university property and it’s maintained by the school. It’s still lit for homecoming each year and whitewashing still takes place to keep it fresh and white. It’s worth a visit in any season – use caution in the winter, as the steps can get a little slippery. Wisconsin has a lot of really big things – here are some of the world’s largest things that can be found right in Wisconsin!

Address: Platte Mound M, W Mound Rd, Platteville, WI 53818, USA