Hiding In Rural Wisconsin, FAST Fiberglass Mold Graveyard Is As Weirdly Wonderful As You’d Expect     

Small town Wisconsin is no stranger to unique sites. And if you’re looking for a can’t-miss small town oddity to add to your bucket list, the FAST Corporation’s fiberglass mold graveyard is a great choice. As quirky as it sounds, the graveyard is filled with fiberglass molds – but not just any molds. These are colossal molds that come in practically every shape and variety imaginable. Take a look:

For more information about the FAST Corporation, click here.

So, did you know about FAST’s fiberglass mold graveyard? Ever visited? If so, what’d you think? Know of another unique must-visit site? Tell us in the comments section.

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Address: 14177 Co Hwy Q, Sparta, WI 54656, USA