Everyone In Wisconsin MUST Try This One Epic Winter Activity

If you’ve lived in Wisconsin for more than 30 seconds, you know that we absolutely LOVE to get out on the water any chance we get. But another thing you know if you’ve lived in Wisconsin for more than 30 seconds is that it gets pretty darn cold here. And when it gets cold, those awesome lakes turn to ice.

But if there’s one thing about Wisconsinites, it’s that we never let a little cold weather slow us down. Even when it renders lakes completely frozen. And even when we still want to go boating.

Enter: ice boating.

Yes, my dears, ice boating is exactly what it sounds like. It involves taking a boat over a sheet of ice and whipping across. Like surfing, perfect conditions come at the drop of a hat, and you have to be ready to ride that ice when conditions permit.

What are the mechanics of this activity? Well, obviously you need two things: ice and a boat. The ice has to be relatively snow-free in order to glide across. This can be very difficult to achieve. The boat itself is slim and light, attached to a cross piece called a runner plank.

Here is a picture of what this madness looks like:


But we all know a video is way better:

As always, if you do attempt this, do not do it alone, wear a life vest, and ensure that ice is thick enough. Oh, AND STAY WARM.

Have any of you been crazy enough to attempt this? Tips and pics HIGHLY welcome.