You Might Not Know You Can Spend the Night in a Cave in Wisconsin

Caves are some pretty cool places, but definitely not the type of place you think you want to spend a lot of time. Right? Wrong. At Eagle Cave in Wisconsin, Wisconsin’s largest onyx cave, you can actually spend the night. Yes, really. Have you ever heard of sleeping in a cave? Does it give you the willies? Well, sure, but it sounds pretty awesome. Eagle Cave is an awesome cave. Inside, explore 3,000 feet of passage. These 3,000 feet go through 4 levels of the cave. It’s so cold in there, you actually need to bring a winter sleeping bag and sleep in sweats. This incredible experience is not something you will find anywhere else. Enjoy a “caveman menu” to go along with your cave weekend. So what do you think? Is this something you would try? Look at the pictures of the cave before you decide.

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