The Wisconsin Cave Tour In Eagle Cave That Belongs On Your Bucket List

When you feel like you’ve done everything above ground, why not head underground and explore Eagle Cave? The incredible subterranean wonder boasts thousands of feet of passageways, along with varying levels and tunnels. Taking in all the cave has to offer is easy thanks to guided tours as well as in-cave camping events. Read on for all the details.

Eagle Cave is open for guided tours Thursday – Sunday, Memorial Day – Labor Day, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. The in-cave camping and exploratory program runs from the last weekend of September until the last weekend of April, and is by reservation only. For more information, call (608) 537-2988. You can also visit the Eagle Cave website or Facebook page.

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Address: 16320 Cavern Ln, Blue River, WI 53518, USA