You’ve Never Seen Door County, Wisconsin Like This Before

In northeast Wisconsin, a narrow sliver of a peninsula juts 90 miles out into Lake Michigan, forming one of the most beautiful places in America – the Door County Peninsula.

The peninsula is surrounded by 298 miles of shoreline, more than any other county in America, much of it in the form of bluffs that tower hundreds of feet over the water below. Where there aren’t bluffs, there are beautiful beaches that draw millions of tourists each year, making it one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Midwest for people who are not lured by tourist attractions, but by natural splendor.

Its isolation means there’s very little light pollution, which makes it a perfect place to catch the aurora borealis. After watching this video, you’ll definitely want to hop in the car and head this way to take some of your own spectacular photos!

The islands that surround the peninsula make it a stopping point for scores of species of migratory birds who use the islands to rest and feed. Others like pelicans and eagles call it home.

The beauty of the peninsula has ingrained a staunch conservation ethic in the 27,000 people who call it home all year. They have preserved it in the form of 5 state parks, 7,000 acres in private Land Trusts available for hiking, 3,000 acres in Nature Conservancy, and 1,600 acres at The Ridges Sanctuary, Wisconsin’s first private nature preserve. That’s not to mention hundreds more acres in 19 county parks.

It’s no wonder they say that in Door County, “It’s all natural.”

Have you visited the Door County Peninsula? Photos almost can’t capture the beauty of this place, which is why we are so thankful to the creator and contributor of this video, Myles Dannhausen of Peninsula Filmworks, for sharing his amazing hometown with us! Tell us about your own trip to Door County in the comments!