The Divine Wisconsin Chocolate Shop That Serves Up Some Of The Most Heavenly Sweets In The Country

Right in the middle of Madison, just on the north east end of the isthmus, there’s a chocolate shop that celebrated its first 15 years in 2019. One of the first spots in the state that was part of a new chocolate revolution, Gail Ambrosius chocolates combines centuries of chocolatiering history and techniques with modern knowledge about sustainability, chocolate origins and sourcing to create some truly delectable treats. Acknowledged as one of the best chocolate shops in the country, this gem of a locally-owned spot is now a Madison-area staple and your taste buds won’t forget a visit here.

Address: 2083 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI, 53704.

You can find out more about these scrumptious treats and even order some online on their website here.

Find more pictures and learn about in-store events through their Facebook page.

Wisconsin is actually home to a number of amazing chocolate and sweet shops. Gail Ambrosius was one of the first in the new generation of gourmet chocolate shops, but check out this road trip to some Wisconsin chocolate shops that have been around since the turn of the last century.