This Wisconsin Lake Is The Site Of One Of The Best College Pranks Ever

When I was in college, the best “prank” was when some doofuses decided to glue a door shut. Well, those bros have NOTHING on the pranksters at Madison.

Thirty years ago, two class clowns decided to take over Wisconsin Student Association’s senate and executive office. They promised that, if elected, they would bring the Statue of Liberty to Madison. Well, imagine the surprise of thousands of people in Madison when they saw what appeared to be the head of Lady Liberty floating on the top of Lake Mendota.

And Lady Liberty was a part of the Wisconsin experience for years, even after suffering vandalism of all sorts. But a few years ago, irreparable damage was done and Lady Liberty is no more.

So sadly, we cannot say where you can see this awesome creation, but we do have some pictures of what it used to look like back in the glory days.

Were any of your involved in this prank? Or were any of you on campus when this happened and have more details? Be sure to tell all in the comments.

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