Wisconsin has some awesome chocolate shops, probably on account of great dairy and the attention given to the craft. Without further ado, the ten top Wisconsin chocolate companies:

This state is lucky to have so many wonderful Wisconsin chocolate companies. What places do you think have the best chocolates in Wisconsin? Let us know in the comments. For an added bonus, be sure to check out this chocolate bar that has some of the best chocolate in Wisconsin.

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The Best Treats in Wisconsin

What are the best candy shops in Wisconsin?

The best candy shops in Wisconsin include:

  • Freese’s Candy. This place in West Allis has been around since 1928, selling scrumptious candies and the best roasted almonds around.
  • The Sweet Shop. For about 100 years, this shop has been making old-fashioned candies made in small batches.
  • Chippewa Candy Shop. This shop sells old-fashioned candy in a timeless way: in glass jars. Go back in time at this amazing shop.
  • Baraboo Candy. If you’ve ever eaten a Cow Pie, this is the place that makes them and you may as well go to the source.

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What are the most unique desserts in Wisconsin?

The most unique desserts in Wisconsin include:

  • White Russian Cupcakes. Locals go to Steph’s to get these delectable confections as well as many other flavors.
  • Pumpkin Walnut Cookies. Locals can’t wait until autumn every year when the Hubbard Avenue Diner in Middleton makes these favorite treats.
  • Fudge Cherry Almond Cookies. Made at Emy J’s in Steven’s Point, these cookies combine three yummy flavors to make these scrumptious cookies.
  • Brioche Donuts. Le Reve Patisserie & Cafe makes these heavenly donuts that are absolutely to die for.

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What are the most classic dishes in Wisconsin?

The most classic dishes in Wisconsin include:

  • Kringle. While this is usually a holiday pastry, locals don’t wait until the holidays to gobble up this delicious oval of awesomeness.
  • Butter Burgers. If you’ve ever heard of Culver’s, they made Wisconsin’s favorite burger available to many other states.
  • Cheese Curds. Wisconsin is certainly famous for its cheese and locals absolutely love to munch on the yummy curds.
  • Fish Fry. Perhaps the most iconic food in Wisconsin, locals won’t turn down an invitation to a fish fry.

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