Crawl Your Way Into Another World Full Of Hidden Chambers At Carolyn’s Caverns In Wisconsin

To experience some of Wisconsin’s amazing places, you sometimes need to get a little dirty. To explore the depths of Carolyn’s Caverns, you’ll climb and crawl through plenty of dirt, mud, dust, and sediment. But what you’ll find in this hidden cave system is simply remarkable and well worth the adventure – just be prepared to do some laundry afterward!

Here’s why it’s worth descending into the dark and dirty depths of Carolyn’s Caverns.

A naturalist guides the tours and participants aged 5 and up are allowed to participate. The park sometimes offers adventure cave tours that involve more crawling in the caverns. See the park’s website for the latest offerings. Interested in exploring more Wisconsin caves? Here are some that are like entering another world.

Address: Ledge View Nature Center, W2348 Short Rd, Chilton, WI 53014, USA