Driving Down This Haunted Wisconsin Road Will Give You Nightmares

Legend sometimes provides more power than truth. While the alleged hauntings that appear on this road are not based on a true story, the strange happenings have captured the imaginations of locals for decades.

As the story goes, the road is named in honor of several Boy Scouts who died many, many years ago. This is where the story differs, depending on who is telling the story. Some allege that the boys were all brutally murdered by a bus driver. Some say that the boys wandered off, and something – whether it was foul play or a predator – killed all of them. Still other allege that one scout dropped a kerosene lantern, causing a fire that killed all of the boys.

People who have dared to go down this dead-end (no pun intended) road have reported seeing lights in the trees, which they think are lanterns of someone looking for the boys. Many people have reported the feeling of being watched. Others have reported children’s hand prints on their vehicles. And other people have heard children laughing.

What is true, and what is the product of overworked imagination, is up for debate. Nevertheless, this road has attracted and enchanted many people over the years. Here is a picture of the road:

Here is a Youtube video explaining the story of this haunted road:

Have you been to Boy Scout Lane? Do you think it is haunted?