The Largest Used Book Warehouse In Wisconsin Has More Than A Half Million Books

In the little town of Viroqua, Wisconsin (population 4,300), there’s something very big that’s just waiting to be discovered. Driftless Books and Music is a gargantuan used bookseller that’s located in an unexpected place. It’s the perfect reason to visit this beautiful corner of Wisconsin, Here’s why.

Note: Driftless Books and Music closes on a seasonal basis. Make sure to check the website first before visiting.

Learn more about Wisconsin’s Driftless Books & Music here. The store hours vary by season – during winter the store is only open by appointment. If you love exploring interesting bookstores, Wisconsin has some wonderful options. Here’s a browse-worthy bookstore in Madison that also serves cocktails.

Address: Driftless Books and Music, 518 Walnut St, Viroqua, WI 54665, USA