12 Things People From West Virginia Always Have To Explain To Out Of Towners

Outsiders don’t always understand West Virginia. It feels like we’re always having to explain stereotypes about West Virginia… which to locals, feels ridiculous. After all, we know our state like the back of our hand, and we know how magical it can be. You, too, can get to know our state like a local… but first you have to adapt to our colloquialisms and adjust to our friendly, nature-loving lifestyle. Take a look at this list so you can learn how to enjoy West Virginia the way the Mountaineers do:

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While there are many stereotypes about West Virginia, you truly have to get to know our state… and us locals. We’re a breed like no other, and you just might fall in love with our landscape.

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Stereotypes About West Virginia

January 19, 2020

What are some interesting things about West Virginia?

Living in West Virginia, you get to know a bit about what makes The Mountain State such a special place. You may know us for coal mining, but we also have a prominent logging industry. One of the more interesting things about West Virginia is that we have four anthems! The most famous, arguably, is “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

What are West Virginians known for?

West Virginians are known for their love of the great outdoors, and it’s no secret why – we’re in one of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in America!

What is the most popular West Virginia stereotype?

West Virginia, unfortunately, has to combat a number of unpleasant stereotypes – perhaps most notably that mining towns can be somewhat rundown. Locals can tell you that, despite this, our state is home to some architectural marvels. Once you settle in, you’ll notice that many of West Virginia’s traits are dazzling.

Address: West Virginia, USA