It’s Worth It To Drive Across West Virginia Just For The Hot Dog Donuts At Spring Hill Pastry Shop

Way back in 1948, a little bakery opened in South Charleston, West Virginia, on Chestnut Street. Little did anyone know at the time that more than 70 years later, this same little bakery would still be going strong, and would in fact be widely touted as the best bakery in all of West Virginia.

Ready to hop in the car and head to Spring Hill Pastry Shop for a sweet treat from the best bakery in West Virginia? Check their hours on their website or on Facebook to make sure you’ll arrive when they’re open and the pastries are fresh out of the oven! And while you’re in South Charleston, take time to explore one of the most unique ancient historical sites in the state, the Criel Mound.

Address: Spring Hill Pastry Shop, 600 Chestnut St, Charleston, WV 25309, USA