If you are from The Mountain State, you may have noticed that there are some weird things people say in West Virginia… and sometimes, it sounds like we have our own language. Odds are that these very words are probably a part of your everyday vocabulary. A lot of the things that I say are things that my Nan always said to me growing up. I always said “Ma’am” and “Sir.” If I didn’t say thank you when I got my dinner, my Nan would look at me like she just smelled some onions. Whether you learned these from your predecessors or your peers, odds are that you have a unique way of speaking. See how many of these you relate to:

Sometimes, West Virginia sounds pretty Southern, and there isn’t a thing wrong with that! My West Virginia twang shines sometimes, and if I travel, people usually guess a Southern state. Of course, these weird things people say in West Virginia just might give my homeland away. What is something that you always hear in West Virginia? Comment below!

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Things People Say In West Virginia

What are the best things about living in West Virginia?

Aside from charming accents and a vernacular all our own, you'll find that there is much to love about life in West Virginia. You'll also come to love our traditions, our local landmarks, and, of course, some great cookin'.

Do West Virginians have any strange habits?

West Virginians are just like everyone else... we put coleslaw on our hot dogs and put our pants on one leg at a time. Everyone has at least one annual roadkill cookoff, right? ...We swear we're normal in West Virginia.

Where can I find more of the best photos of West Virginia?

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