Transformed By Winter Snow And Ice, These 7 West Virginia Waterfalls Are Still As Beautiful As Ever

In West Virginia, waterfalling is not just a three-season sport. No, winter waterfalls around here are just as gorgeous as in any other season (and maybe even more so!). Have you ever taken the time, energy, and care required to seek them out? Here’s a taste of what you might find.

Which of these waterfalls have you seen bathed in winter beauty? What other waterfalls are good to visit in winter? Let us know!

And while you’re out and about enjoying the winter beauty of West Virginia, consider trying out another winter sport: sledding!

Address: Glade Creek Grist Mill, Park Forest 802, Danese, WV 25831, USA
Address: Falls of Hills Creek, West Virginia 24946, USA
Address: Camp Creek, WV 25820, USA
Address: Brush Creek Falls, Athens, WV 24712, USA
Address: Blackwater Falls, West Virginia 26260, USA