The Winter Horseback Riding Trail At Autumn Breeze Stables In West Virginia Is Pure Magic

West Virginia is known for its outdoor adventures, but snowy winters can send people back indoors. You won’t want to miss this outdoor adventure, however, which brings together the beauty of nature, and also includes some pretty majestic animals. You’ll find unparalleled beauty and excitement with a winter trail ride from Autumn Breeze Stables in Slaty Fork near Snowshoe Mountain. Just be prepared: Winter horseback riding in West Virginia might just become your new favorite winter activity.

Have you ever been winter horseback riding in West Virginia before? Share with us your experience in the comments section! Or for more information about the trips that are available, you can visit Autumn Breeze Stables at their website or call 304-572-2262.

For a different journey to the ghost town of Spruce, take a look at the Heart of West Virginia scenic train ride.

Address: Autumn breeze stables, Snowshoe, WV 26209, USA
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Winter Horseback Riding In West Virginia

January 12, 2020

What else is there to do in winter in West Virginia?

Spending winter in West Virginia will give you a seemingly endless amount of activities to enjoy. From snowshoeing to sledding, tubing and ice skating, you can indulge in a variety of winter activities with one visit. If you’re looking for a little more help in where to actually visit, check out these 8 awesome places in West Virginia to check out this winter.

Are there other places to go horseback riding in West Virginia?

Horseback riding is not just a winter outdoor activity in West Virginia but is something that can be enjoyed all year long. When the weather gets better and the trees and flowers are in full bloom, horseback riding can be a truly enjoyable experience. Check out the Mountain Trail Rides Horseback Riding adventure at Canaan Valley Resort State Park.

What are the best outdoor winter adventures in West Virginia?

Winter adventures in West Virginia are some of the most fun you’ll have in the state. Outside of horseback riding, there are tons of things to do whether there is snow on the ground or temps dip into the colder range. Enjoy a winter sleigh ride through the West Virginia mountains, or check out the winter waterslide that is park of Snowshoe village.

Address: Autumn breeze stables, Snowshoe, WV 26209, USA