West Virginians Should Expect Extra Cold And Snow This Winter According To The Farmers Almanac

It may be hard to imagine cold weather after the hot summer we’ve just come through, but winter will come again before we know it…and this year, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts West Virginia will see cold, ice, and snow at or above-seasonable levels for 2020-2021.

So bring it on, Winter! We’ll take your extra cold and snow…especially if it keeps the tick population at bay next summer. (True story: cold weather won’t kill ticks, exactly, but it will cause them to emerge later in the spring, delaying their life cycle and functionally reducing their population!)

To see the Farmers’ Almanac predictions for yourself, head to their website here. Have you seen any other signs of a cold winter coming? Extra fog in August? Thicker corn husks? Earlier-than-usual monarch butterfly migration? Let us know which signs you watch for and swear by, and what they’re telling you about Winter 2020-2021!

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