Long Mountain General Store Is Like Something Straight Out Of The Wild West, Except In West Virginia

It’s a long drive across thousands of miles of America to get to the Wild West from West Virginia. In fact, it’s such a long drive that it can’t be done in a day… or, for many, even in a lifetime. Good thing there’s a Wild West themed general store right here in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia that can fall easily into the category of a daytrip destination. Gas up the car and turn its nose (and yours) toward Franklin, West Virginia, a small town on the Mountain State’s eastern border.

To find out more about West Virginia’s own Wild West themed country and convenience store, visit Long Mountain General Store’s Facebook page. While you’re in the Franklin, West Virginia area, don’t miss the chance to climb High Knob Tower and get a stunning view of the ancient, rolling peaks of Appalachia that you certainly can’t find among the young, strutting Rockies out West!


Address: Long Mountain General Store, 5735 Blue Gray Trail, Franklin, WV 26807, USA