Most People Don’t Know West Virginia Almost Became A State During The Revolutionary War

Most native West Virginians know a sure-fire way to get our blood boiling is when someone calls us “Virginia.” Failing to be aware of the “West” at the beginning of our state’s name is nearly an unforgivable misstep. But we graciously (and calmly) find a way to politely make a correction and then move on. But imagine if West Virginia had taken on an entirely different name – one that didn’t create so much confusion for outsiders. Imagine never having to correct anyone when they get it wrong; ever…

Thing were a mess for quite a while back then. But in the end, although Vandalia and Westylvania never came to fruition, West Virginians (and all of those descendants of proposed Vandalians and Westylvanians still living in the region) eventually broke free and established a new state after all.

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