This West Virginia Train Ride Is The Most Breathtaking Way To Chase A Waterfall

If you have a passion for chasing waterfalls then you know that West Virginia is just the place to do it. And before you ask Siri “what are some waterfalls near me in West Virginia,” check out the following adventure. One of the easiest and prettiest ways to get your waterfall fix in West Virginia is by hopping aboard a train. That’s right: a waterfall train ride! You can ride the rails right to one of the Mountain State’s most beautiful natural wonders and enjoy all of the breathtaking scenery along the way.

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Still wondering about “waterfalls near me in West Virginia?” It’s only natural — waterfall chasing is addictive! Here are six easy-to-access falls that will satisfy your waterfall wanderlust.

Address: Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad, 4759 Staunton Parkersburg Turnpike, Durbin, WV 26264, USA
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waterfalls near me in West Virginia

September 08, 2021

Are there many waterfalls in West Virginia?

There are about 275 waterfalls in West Virginia, but there are numerous falls that you’ll find seasonally or after a significant amount of rainfall. For reference, the tallest waterfall in West Virginia is Blackwater Falls. It drops a spectacular 57 feet straight into the Blackwater Canyon, and is absolutely worth checking out!

What are some other unique train rides in West Virginia?

If you’re wanting to experience the scenic splendor of West Virginia, climb aboard the Cass Scenic Railroad. Way up in the mountains of West Virginia lies Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, a place where visitors can take a step back in time aboard a restored, steam-powered locomotive. Originally built to transport logs to a West Virginia lumber mill, Cass Scenic Railroad has been transformed into one of the most scenic, historic, and interesting passenger trains in the country. Trips depart from the town of Cass and take visitors to Whittaker Station (a two-hour ride) or all the way to Bald Knob (a four-and-a-half hour adventure). We’re partial to the Bald Knob excursion; featuring a unique ecosystem that’s more similar to what you might expect to find in Canada than West Virginia, Bald Knob rises high above all but one of West Virginia’s myriad mountain peaks. The train climbs an impressive 2,290 feet from the Cass Depot to the top of Bald Knob, for a breathtaking adventure that’s absolutely fitting for America the Beautiful.

Where can I learn about more waterfalls near me in West Virginia?

Right here, at Only in West Virginia, that’s where! We absolutely love waterfall chasing here at Only In West Virginia, and we have numerous road trips and adventures to prove it. Our Ultimate Waterfalls Road Trip explores eight glorious cascades, and if you’re more in the mood for a day trip (rather than a road trip), check out these six falls in West Virginia, all of which are easy to access and totally stunning!

Address: Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad, 4759 Staunton Parkersburg Turnpike, Durbin, WV 26264, USA