Hike Less Than Half A Mile To This Spectacular Waterfall Swimming Hole In West Virginia

West Virginia is a waterfall lover’s paradise. With hundreds of named and unnamed cascades ornamenting the Mountain State’s creeks, streams, and rivers, you’re never far from a beautiful waterfall view. And while each of these waterfalls has their own unique attractions, Campbell Falls at Camp Creek State Park in West Virginia is especially delightful. Not only is it a stunning tier of falls, but it’s also a popular, refreshing swimming hole.

Have you ever visited Camp Creek State Park and taken the short walk from the campground to Campbell Falls? To learn more or plan your own trip to enjoy this scenic, refreshing hike-and-swim, visit the Camp Creek State Park’s website. Interestingly, Campbell Falls isn’t the only waterfall and swimming hole combination the Mountain State features! Here are three more to visit when the summer heat hits the valleys!

Address: Camp Creek State Park & Forest, 2390 Co Hwy 19/5, Camp Creek, WV 25820, USA