Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about waterfalls in West Virginia? We often do, and boy, do we have an adventure for you! Camping is a favorite summer pastime in West Virginia; everyone has their favorite spot, but not every spot has what this campground has: two gorgeous waterfalls! So the next time you’re looking for places to camp with waterfalls in West Virginia, you’ll be happy to know about Camp Creek State Park.

Check out this fun video tour of the park to get an idea of what you’re in for!

Have you ever gone waterfall camping in West Virginia? What did you think? Are there any places to camp with waterfalls that you’d like us to cover? If you’d like to see more waterfalls in West Virginia, check out the ultimate West Virginia waterfall road trip.

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Waterfalls near me in West Virginia

What's the tallest waterfall in West Virginia?

There's no waterfall more legendary -- nor large -- than Blackwater Falls. Not only is this Mountain State wonder one of the most photographed places in West Virginia, but it's also the tallest waterfall in West Virginia! This spectacular fall plummets 57 feet into a deep, opaque pool that, indeed, appears to be black. (The river's dark color comes from tannic acid from fallen hemlock and red spruce needles.) The best part? Getting there is easy, too. Just follow the .04-mile Blackwater Falls Trail, but be prepared for a lot of activity, especially if you’re visiting when the weather is lovely. If you’re an avid hiker, you’ll probably consider this trail more of a walk than anything. However, it’s well worth the time to stroll along the path that leads to multiple viewing platforms, where you can stop, admire the falls, and snap photographs... you'll definitely want to!

What are some other waterfalls near me in West Virginia?

If you're experiencing an acute case of waterfall wanderlust in West Virginia, you'll definitely want to check out this epic waterfall road trip we put together! This trip will take you from Blackwater Falls in Davis down south to Sandstone and back around so you can view the natural beauty our state has to offer and some of the best waterfalls in West Virginia. It’s the perfect round-up of natural wonders in the state, and perhaps the best handful of scenic hikes in West Virginia, as well. One of our favorite waterfalls is Valley Falls, which is accessible by way of the Rocky and Rhododendron Trail in the heart of Valley Falls State Park. This West Virginia waterfall hike is a 3.9-mile, lightly trafficked loop that takes you to the stunning, water-centric site. The area once operated as a lumber and grist mill community, which adds an infusion of history to the whole experience, making it one of the best waterfall hikes in West Virginia, too.

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