Stay Overnight At This Spectacularly Unconventional Treehouse In West Virginia

“Country roads, take me home to the place I belong: West Virginia…” Are you feeling that tug to escape for a while to the mountains that hold your heart? Well, maybe it’s time to book a stay at the Country Roads Cabins’ Tuscany Tree House in Hico.

To learn more about the Tuscany Tree House, and to book a stay there, visit Country Road Cabins’ website. And believe it or not, the Tuscany Tree House isn’t the only treehouse in West Virginia! Here are a few more, one of which is right next door to the Tuscany Tree House.

Did you have a treehouse as a kid? Have you stayed in one since? They’re definitely growing in popularity (and comfort!) so it’s something to consider next time you are looking for a new experience!

Address: 1508 Sunday Rd, Hico, WV 25854, USA