Here Are The 6 Best Places In West Virginia To Watch The Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid Meteor Shower happens every year when the earth passes through the remains of the comet Swift-Tuttle’s trail. This year the meteor shower will be especially spectacular, as the gravity from the planet Jupiter has pulled together at least three meteor streams left by the comet. You can expect to see up to 200 meteors per hour at its peak between Thursday evening and Saturday morning, but we’ll still continue to see some meteors through August 24th.

West Virginia is one of the best places to be when there’s excitement in the sky, since our wild and wonderful landscape has less light pollution than most other places in the Eastern United States.

The best time to watch for meteors will be after midnight, when the moon has set.

You’ll probably be able to see at least a few meteors from any dark location, but here are a few locations in West Virginia where you can find the darkest, clearest skies.

Here’s a video with some pictures of the Perseid Meteor Shower. These images were taken in the Rocky Mountains, but we’ll see similar shooting stars here.

If you’d like to see more of West Virginia’s nighttime beauty, check out these twelve pictures.