Huge Saber-Toothed Tigers Once Roamed West Virginia, But Now Just Their Bones Are Left

Underneath the feet of those who wander through West Virginia lies a vast network of cavernous tunnels, a kingdom of caves. Few inhabit these deep, dark regions – but specimens found deep within them tell a fascinating, exotic, mysterious tale. Giant ground sloths in West Virginia? Mammoths? Mastodons? Apparently. In fact, it seems that even fierce saber-tooth cats once prowled these mountain forests.

But saber-toothed cat presence here in West Virginia remains shrouded in mystery. We may never discover answers to many questions surrounding their existence, or that of the many other huge, prehistoric animals whose bones have been found in the region. But it’s still pretty neat to think about all the creatures that have walked this same land we now roam!

To view a saber-toothed cat fossil, visit the natural history museum inside the Lost World Caverns Gift Shop. There are lots of other cool fossils to be seen there as well, and while you’re in the building, definitely consider taking a self-guided tour of these caverns.

Address: West Virginia, USA