There Are 3 Must-See Roadside Attractions All Within The Small Town Of Ansted, West Virginia

Since 1891 when it was incorporated, and probably long before that, Ansted, West Virginia was known as the “stopping-over” place for stagecoaches, as it was in the middle of Charleston and Lewisburg, two of the larger cities. Today, U.S. Route 60, aka Midland Trail, runs right through Ansted still a major stopping-over place because of some of its must-see roadside attractions. Riding through West Virginia is an adventure in itself, with its rolling hills, rivers, lakes, and natural beauty. But make sure you stop to enjoy these three worthwhile treks off the main road. You won’t be sorry.

As you pack your bags for a lovely trip to Ansted to see these roadside attractions, remember to include a camera and a journal, as you will want to capture everything you see. And if you’re so inclined to see more of West Virginia, the Mountain State offers hundreds of reasons to visit.

Address: Hawks Nest State Park, 49 Hawks Nest Rd, Ansted, WV 25812, USA
Address: Page Vawter House, 20 Page St, Ansted, WV 25812, USA
Address: Mystery Hole, 16724 Midland Trail, Ansted, WV 25812, USA