There’s Nothing Quite As Magical As The Tunnel Of Trees You’ll Find On Red Spruce Knob In West Virginia

Tree tunnels are magical places, and that might be especially true in West Virginia. Here, in the rugged Appalachian Mountains, meandering trails wind through towering trees. Sunlight trickles down through a lofty canopy. The forest floor stays soft and damp, shaded by such faithful, protective, towering sentinels. Moss, spongy and verdant, thrives. Yes, these are magical places indeed, hidden away as they are deep in the West Virginia forest. And if you want to visit one yourself, look no further than Red Spruce Knob – the highest point on the Highland Scenic Highway, and the ninth highest point in West Virginia.

To learn more about Red Spruce Knob Trail, visit the USFS website. For more magical tree tunnels, try Seneca Creek Trail, too!

Address: Red Spruce Knob, West Virginia 24954, USA