The Source Of The Mighty, 405-Mile Potomac River Is Hidden Away In This Underrated West Virginia State Park

At only four acres, Fairfax Stone State Park is tied as the tiniest state park in the state. But sometimes significant things come in small packages, and that’s certainly true of this little piece of Almost Heaven. Fairfax Stone State Park hides an impressive secret: It marks the spot where the mighty Potomac River begins its journey to the ocean as a small, trickling spring.

Have you visited Fairfax Stone State Park? It may not be much to look at, but with all that significance packed into a single stone marking a small spring, it sure is a lot to think about! And it’s a unique, visible reminder not to despise small beginnings.

To learn more about Fairfax Stone State Park and plan your visit, see the WV State Parks website. To get directions to the park from your location, head to Google Maps. Oh, and remember that we mentioned that this state park is tied as West Virginia’s smallest? Learn about the other tiny state park hidden in our state here.

Address: Eglon, WV 26716, USA