Take A Super Fun Day Trip Aboard The Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad, Only Found In West Virginia

This trip is one for your bucket list, friends. Not only will you be able to take an excursion of a lifetime, but you’ll also be witness to a ton of stunning parts of West Virginia throughout the trip. Any train ride through West Virginia is sure to be a delight, but what you’ll find on this scenic train ride makes it extra special. Your plans for the best day trip in West Virginia have arrived, and this one the whole family can enjoy together.

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The address for Wappocomo Station is 149 Eagle Drive, Romney, WV 26757. The Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad website suggests that Google Maps is the most reliable for directions. Mapquest and many GPS systems are likely to get you lost. Opening Day is usually near the middle of May and the season runs through the end of October. The railroad will begin taking reservations soon. Check their Facebook page for the latest updates.

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Address: Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad, 149 Eagle Dr, Romney, WV 26757, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Best Day Trip In West Virginia

February 29, 2020

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Address: Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad, 149 Eagle Dr, Romney, WV 26757, USA