The Iconic White Palace Has Been Wheeling, West Virginia’s Go-To Event Venue For Over A Century

In the 1880s, a popular entertainment venue known as “The Casino” was constructed in West Virginia, in what is now Wheeling Park. It was a large, white pavilion made of wood, and it was the perfect West Virginia event venue for plays, operas, and musical shows, hosting as many as twenty thousand people (in Wheeling Park as a whole) in a single day. Such famous entertainers as French titan of the stage Sarah Bernhadt performed here at The Casino, all the way until 1925, when (shortly after being acquired by the city of Wheeling), The Casino burned down. And that was that, right? Gone forever, lost to the pages of history. If that’s what you think… think again.

To learn more about the iconic, go-to event venue in Wheeling, West Virginia known as the White Palace, visit Wheeling Park’s website courtesy of Oglebay Resort.

Address: White Palace at Wheeling Park, 1801 National Rd, Wheeling, WV 26003, USA